Small Business Protection Plan

The rising costs of health insurance and the overall running of a business has made it very difficult for business owners to make ends meet. Legal Club helps alleviate some of the financial pressure by providing business owners with access to a nation-wide network of pre-qualified attorneys that will provide them with free and discounted legal care.

When you become a Legal Club member, you will have access to plan attorneys that will provide you with the following services.

Attorney Provided Services:

  • Unlimited initial phone consultations during business hours for new legal matters.
  • An attorney will review as many as five independent documents each month. These include business documents, contracts, signed or unsigned, up to 10 pages each.
  • Initial calls made on behalf of your business by your plan attorney (two per month).
  • Initial letters written on behalf of your business. Three per month for new subjects.
  • One on one conultations for each new legal matter.

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