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As  Independent Brokers, we have a fiduciary responsibility to act in our clients best interest, not the interests of the insurance industry.

Our Mission  is to find the best available coverage to fit  all of your needs with a choice in cost that is suitable for you.

Doctor and Patient

With the rising costs of health care, many are finding it difficult to afford coverage. Insurance Underwriters is dedicated to helping individuals and small business compare costs and benefits of competing policies and match them to your needs. 

A sale is not the end of our relationship with our customers – it is the beginning.

Employers have relied on the one-fits-all approach for their employees in the past.  Due to escalating health care costs and the situation with the economy, we are creating strategies to replace the standard benefits. We work with YOU, for YOU.

Insurance Underwriters is the conduit for the consumer, medical provider, insurance carrier, and an integral part of the small businesses, and can assume the role of your Human Resources Department for Employee Benefits and Administration.

Life Insurance


One of the hardest decisions we must make in our lifetime is:

Who will raise my children if I am deceased? How can you ask someone to take the responsibility of raising your children if you do not provide financial stability for them?

You and your spouse work full time. Most of us live paycheck to paycheck. If you should die, who will provide a paycheck to your family? Who will pay the mortgage, the electric, the car payment, the after school care fees, etc?

Did you know that if you have a family member on SSI benefits, and if they receive death benefits from a life insurance policy, this could stop their SSI Benefits? You need to be very careful of the beneficiary on your life insurance policy. You should speak to the attorney that set up a Trust and put your finances in order for your beneficiaries.


You work full time. If your paycheck stops suddenly… where will the funds be to continue your lifestyle?

We can provide “no obligation” quotes for Employers and Individuals.

Health Insurance

We have an Individual Health Insurance Carrier that writes domestic partners with a family discount.

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