Business Protection Analysis

What is it?

Business Protection Analysis (BPA) is a service designed to save you money and make your job a little easier. More specifically, BPA addresses three primary areas of concern:

  1. You and your business
  2. You and your employees
  3. You and your family

Let's look at each of these in more detail....

You and Your Business

  • Buy/Sell Agreement
    Popular, simple and inexpensive method of assuring the survival of your business should a partner or co-owner die or become disabled. 

  • Property Insurance
    Property insurance may be one of the most important types of insurance in terms of financially protecting the property and physical assets of your business.

    There are two types of property insurance coverage:

    Named-peril coverage specifies the perils or events that the policy will cover. For example, you may buy a named-peril policy to protect you from losses caused by fire, explosion and smoke.

    Comprehensive provides broader coverage for all perils, except those specifically excluded in the policy.

  • General Liability
    All kinds of businesses need this type of protection to cover for liability arising from premises, general operations and products manufactured or sold. A business can be wiped out due to a major loss resulting from a business liability hazard.

    There are two types of liability insurance:

    Premises-and-operations provides coverage for accidents, such as "slip and fall" accidents, on your property. 

    Products-and-completed-operations helps pay for monetary losses that result from injury or damage caused by a product or completed job.

  • Professional Man
  • Workers Compensation
    Employees are compensated for occupationally incurred injuries, regardless of fault, in return for which employers are protected from injury lawsuits by employees.   
  • Professional Liability
    Professional liability pays liability claims arising from wrongful practice by physicians, attorneys or other professionals.

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You and Your Employees

  • Group Insurance
    It pays to shop around! Premiums are important; benefits are important. But keeping your doctor is the most important of all.
  • Salary Continuation
    Social Security statistics tell us that one person out of three will suffer a long-term disability before retiring. And, a disability income plan is tax deductible.
  • Supplemental Programs
    Increase employee loyalty and morale while decreasing turnover with a value driven voluntary supplemental program by AFLAC (Just Ask "The Duck"! )

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You and Your Family

  • Homeowners Insurance
    Protect your most valuable asset by providing replacement cost coverage on your home, and personal property and contents.  

  • Auto Insurance
    Protection against financial loss if you have an accident. It provides coverage for property, liability and medical claims. 

  • Flood Insurance
    It's not just people living near high risk areas who experience flooding. Between 20 and 25 percent of flood insurance claims come from medium or low flood-risk areas.

  • Mortgage Protection
    Most American families haven't made adequate life insurance preparations to protect major assets should disaster strike. 

  • Life and Annuities
    Unlike payments from financial products that may fluctuate, annuity income payment amounts are guaranteed and offer several payment options.

  • Life Settlement
    Policy owner can sell unwanted life insurance for a lump sum cash payment in an amount greater than the cash surrender value but less than the death benefit.

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What can it do for you?

We're confident that BPA can save you money and make your job easier. How much is a question we can't answer until we meet.

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