Since 1990, Insurance Underwriters & Associates, Inc. and KC Hollowell & Assoc., Inc. have specialized in providing the "personal touch" for our clients. Our service and assistance is available for all small business insurance needs. Clients are on a "first name" basis with us, the way business clients should be. We always try to provide our clients with the products, quality, price and assistance to fit any and every business situation.

By providing a Business Protection "consulting service" and added additional property and casualty lines for our clients and prospects alike, we can offer "one stop" shopping for most finance protection concerns. We are a "family" business that prefers to stay that way in order to identify with our typical "small business" client. We can identify with our clients because we have the same insurance and financial concerns as they do

To determine your business protection needs, you should review your property and your risks. Your property is the building and equipment you own. Your risks are the financial responsibilities you have for the people and property within your business.

Property and liability insurance (also known as property and casualty insurance) and health insurance are the two main categories of insurance that businesses require. Property and liability coverages are the most important for insuring a business. Property coverage insures your buildings and other property or equipment. Liability coverage insures you against injury or property loss claims that result from your business's negligence.

Health and life coverages are benefits that employers may provide as part of an employee benefit package.

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